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11059605_708522689251752_3533706675981312636_oHello! My name is Susanne. I believe strongly in animal rights and deny the notion that animals were put on Earth for no other reason than to be a source of sustenance for human beings. At age 13, I cut meat out of my diet and went vegetarian; at 18, I cut out all animal products and made the leap to veganism. From the moment I made the decision to live a life not causing harm, I never once regretted or second-guessed my choice. I can honestly say I feel healthier, happier, and more at peace with my self since choosing the vegan lifestyle – and yes, it is very much a lifestyle, not just a diet.┬áThere is more to veganism than avoiding the consumption of animal products; it extends to not wearing fur or using products from brands involved in animal experimentation. On average, a person saves 100 animals per year by going vegetarian and about 198 by going vegan, not to mention all of the grain, water, land and resources saved.

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